At UrMade, we’re committed to investing and reinvesting in the music community, and offering a free platform for real music fans. For each of our contests, we design prizes with the specific goal of growing the winner’s fan base. This includes getting you radio and TV airplay, providing music and video production, high-end gear giveaways, professional guidance from industry veterans, and cash prizes, with new features coming soon.

We believe an artist’s path to success boils down to two steps: have a great song, and get that song heard by as many people as possible. UrMade is unique platform that lets all types of artists deliver great songs directly to the world.

Our Story:

Thanks to UrMade, the music industry has now changed, and there’s no going back.

Despite technological breakthroughs in recent decades, it’s harder than ever for an artist to gain a following. Social media makes it easy for everyone to promote their music, but that also means there’s more competition than ever.

If you’re an artist, you could move to LA, Nashville, Portland, Austin, or another music hub up and try to build your following by playing in major markets. You could also promote your music online, relying on your social network to help you get plays and eventually gain some traction. Better yet, you could do both. Even if you make all the right moves, your success is a shot in the dark in the music industry’s turbulent climate.

So…that’s where we come in. UrMade is here because of you – the artists, songwriters, and music lovers. Our mission is to put your music out into the world, and let the listeners decide who’s number 1!

Contact Us

Want to learn more, or have a question for us? Please send an email to info@urmade.com